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Cayman Islands offshore services are regulated and supervised by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), which serves as the main agency in cooperation with foreign regulatory authorities,...

Cayman Islands Incorporation

Cayman Islands incorporation is just one of the offshore company services that can be found in the Islands.  Registration of companies is an efficient process that is administered by licensed legal...

Cayman Islands Companies

Cayman Island provides a wide range of Cayman Island companies that can be used for domestic and international trade. Three of these include Exempted Companies, Exempted Limited Duration Companies...

Cayman Islands Incorporation

Cayman Islands incorporation is just one of the offshore company services that can be found in the Islands. Registration of companies is an efficient process that is administered by licensed legal practitioners and firms that are into incorporation business. Company incorporation in Cayman Islands is highly regulated to ensure that company formation services in the Cayman Islands are provided in accordance with international and domestic regulatory requirements.

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Cayman Islands incorporation requires the preparation of key legal documents. One of these is the Memorandum of Association. For registration of companies in Cayman Islands, the memorandum is required to have the intended name of the company, accompanied with the ending Limited or Ltd. In incorporation business, the memorandum is required as the basic document in which all essential details of the company are recorded upon Cayman Islands incorporation with regard to the members’ share interest, the company’s objectives, liability and the registered address upon Cayman Island incorporation. Any person subscribing to the memorandum must take at least one share, and indicate the number of shares that he or she has subscribed to next to his or her name for registration of companies in Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands incorporation also requires the Articles of Association. Registration of companies that are limited by guarantee require the filing of the Articles along with the Memorandum of Association. This requirement is however option for companies that are limited by shares which are given the choice to register or not register Articles of Association. In incorporation business, the Articles are required to be signed by the persons subscribing to the company upon registration of companies in Cayman Islands. The regulations by which the company is to be managed are contained in the Articles upon Cayman Islands incorporation. Permission to amend the articles must be contained in the memorandum in which the terms and conditions must be stated and agreed upon by resolution of the members upon Cayman Island incorporation or thereafter, and must always be submitted to the Cayman Islands Registrar of companies. Where articles are registered along with the memorandum, they are required to be signed by the every person who is signed unto the memorandum and a witness must be present.

Members: Cayman Island incorporation can be done by one or more persons. All business and transactions undertaken by the members upon and after registration of company in Cayman Islands must be lawful. Company formation services are clear on the number of members that a Cayman Island company must have.

Liability: Cayman Islands offshore companies are companies with limited liability. The liability of every member of a Cayman company can be limited according to the amount of unpaid shares that a member may have or to the amount that a member has contributed to the share capital upon Cayman Islands incorporation.

Cayman formation services allow an offshore company to change its registered address in the Islands. This decision can be taken by resolution of the directors and the Cayman Islands Registrar of companies must be informed within 30 days of having passed that resolution of change of address. Failure to provide this information to the Registrar will cause this change of address to be ineffective.

Registration of Companies: Cayman Islands incorporation becomes effective upon the registration of the memorandum of association or the memorandum and articles as may be the case. Upon company formation, a certificate of registration is issued by the Registration, serving as conclusive evidence that the company is duly registered and legally exists. Cayman Islands incorporation rules require this certificate to be issued under the signature and seal of the Registrar.

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