Cayman Islands Offshore Services

Cayman Islands offshore services are regulated and supervised by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), which serves as the main agency in cooperation with foreign regulatory authorities,...

Cayman Islands Incorporation

Cayman Islands incorporation is just one of the offshore company services that can be found in the Islands.  Registration of companies is an efficient process that is administered by licensed legal...

Cayman Islands Companies

Cayman Island provides a wide range of Cayman Island companies that can be used for domestic and international trade. Three of these include Exempted Companies, Exempted Limited Duration Companies...

Offshore Cayman Islands

Offshore Cayman Islands is a dominant international financial center that provides quality Cayman Island offshore services like offshore company formation. Cayman Island incorporation and other financial services are competitive and provide investors and families with an alternative jurisdiction in which to form corporations, protect assets and plan their taxes.

To learn more about offshore services feel free to go to the contact us page and ask about other offshore tax planning tools and strategies. Second citizenship is a service that we facilitate through licensed partners in Dominica. The value of a second passport must not be underestimated as it provides a door to financial and physical safety for individuals and entire families. Offshore registration and other asset protection services can be inquired about as well.

Offshore Cayman Island was seen in 1503 during Christopher Columbus’s last voyage to the New World and was settled by Spanish and English navigators who gave the offshore Cayman Islands the names Las Tortugas and Cayman respectively. Offshore Cayman Islands comprise three islands with Grand Cayman, the largest of offshore Cayman Islands, being the capital and most advanced offshore Cayman Island.

Cayman Islands offshore services offer a wide range of financial and corporate tools that make it possible to save on taxes while trading and investing abroad. More importantly, an integrated feature of these tools is the opportunity provided by offshore services in Cayman Islands to protect assets from litigation and by estate planning. Cayman Islands offshore services are made available by licensed firms that are regulated by Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and other agencies such as Offshore Group of Insurance Supervisors and the Financial Action Task Force, among others, which are international institutions that establish compliance measures for international financial and corporate business activities.

Offshore Cayman Island has come a long way in its economic development from being the home of colonial refugees, shipwrecked sailors and pirates who roamed the seas of the Caribbean during the European conquest of the New World. Offshore Cayman Island came under British control in 1670 by the Treaty of Madrid and unlike most other Caribbean countries which became independent from British rule, offshore Cayman Island remained under Crown rule and today are classified as British Overseas Territories.

Cayman Islands offshore incorporating is a multi-million industry that provides employment and aids tremendously in the infrastructural development of every offshore Cayman Island. Besides tourism, Cayman offshore services account for a significant portion of the revenue generated in offshore Cayman Islands, making Cayman Islands incorporation one of the most successful offshore financial services in the world. Cayman Islands offshore services in terms of international banking are ranked 5th internationally, making offshore Cayman Islands a leading international financial center and home to many internationally renowned banking giants.

Cayman Island incorporation is known for its quality of service, professionalism and ancillary offshore services that are available to help maximize the benefits and use of a Cayman Island offshore company. Cayman Island incorporation offers the advantage of tax exemption on Cayman Island offshore companies which are Cayman Island companies that are used solely for international trade and investment. Along with an offshore Cayman Island service like mutual fund management, an offshore Cayman Island company is able to invest or bank offshore in the Cayman Islands without having to trade and generate any of its income in any offshore Cayman Island.

Cayman Islands offshore services attract the international investment and business public because of the economic, social and political stability of the Islands. As overseas territories of Britain as well, every offshore Cayman Island gains the confidence of British and other investors. Cayman Islands incorporation and other offshore services are innovative and thoroughly regulated. This allows clients to access sophisticated tax and estate planning tools and expert help in financial and legal matters. Offshore Cayman companies are ideal for undertaking almost any business venture and can be used along with another offshore Cayman Island tax free vehicle to protect assets and administer estate.

In all of this, Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA) plays a pivotal role in promoting Cayman Island companies and other Cayman Island offshore services, as well as supervising the various players in the sector. CIMA also sees to it that regulations are enforced and implemented by offshore Cayman Islands service providers. To ensure the continued development of Cayman Island offshore services and incorporation of Cayman Island companies, CIMA also has the task of advising the local government of new and innovative offshore services, changes that can be made to make the sector safer for clients and the local public and other advice on measures that need to be implemented in keeping with compliance and information sharing requirements from international agencies.

Cayman Island offshore services are diverse and include insurance, banking, trusts, securities, money services, corporate services and investment funds.

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